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Gambit the Most Popular X-Men Character has Achieved Solo Status, Starring in a All-New Comic Book titled, Gambit. Fans of Gambit can find Many of His Hit Comic Books for Sale here at White Dragon Comics.

X-Men comic book fan-favorite Gambit created by writer Chris Claremont and artist Jim Lee stars in an All-New Solo Comic Book, Gambit.  Gambit possibly the most popular X-Men comic book character, especially with the ladies. Gambit's abilities allow him to control and manipulate pure kinetic energy he is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled in card-throwing, hand-to-hand combat, and the use of a bo-stick.

Gambit’s character in the comic books is often portrayed as a lady’s man, which many of his female fans find appealing. Gambit, whose real name is Remy Lebeau, was born and raised by foster parents in Louisiana. Nothing is known about his birth parents, although it has been hinted at that his father may be the galactic wanderer known as Corsair. Gambit is extremely proud of his heritage, which his writer and artist clearly convey in the comic books. Gambit speaks in a thick Cajun accent and is drawn with a southern feel. Gambit stars in many X-Men comic book titles as well as his solo comic. When he is interacting with characters in the X-Men titles he his often portrayed as untrustworthy among his teammates. When Gambit first encountered the X-men, he had been a professional thief with ties to villain, Mister Sinister.

The popularity of comic book super-star Gambit has taken the character to new levels starring in movies, television and solo stories; leading to phenomenal sales of the characters comic books. Gambit made it to #65 of the top 100 Comic Book Heroes on IGN and continues to grow in popularity. 

Fans looking for comic books starring the Mega-Hit Character Gambit can find many key issues for sale right here at White Dragon Comics.

Gambit #  5 (Marvel Comics 2012)Gambit # 5 (Marvel Comics 2012)
Gambit #  6 (Marvel Comics 2012)Gambit # 6 (Marvel Comics 2012)
Gambit #  7 (Marvel Comics 2012)Gambit # 7 (Marvel Comics 2012)
Gambit #  8 (Marvel Comics 2013)Gambit # 8 (Marvel Comics 2013)
Gambit #  9 (Marvel Comics 2013)Gambit # 9 (Marvel Comics 2013)
Gambit # 10 (Marvel Comics 2012)Gambit # 10 (Marvel Comics 2012)
Gambit # 11 (Marvel Comics 2013)Gambit # 11 (Marvel Comics 2013)
Gambit # 12 (Marvel Comics 2013)Gambit # 12 (Marvel Comics 2013)
Gambit # 14 (Marvel Comics 2013)Gambit # 14 (Marvel Comics 2013)
Gambit # 16 (Marvel Comics 2013)Gambit # 16 (Marvel Comics 2013)
Gambit # 17 (Marvel Comics 2013)Gambit # 17 (Marvel Comics 2013)
Mr & Mrs X #  4 (Marvel Comics 2018)Mr & Mrs X # 4 (Marvel Comics 2018)
Mr & Mrs X #  8 (Marvel Comics 2019)Mr & Mrs X # 8 (Marvel Comics 2019)
Mr & Mrs X #  9 (Marvel Comics 2019)Mr & Mrs X # 9 (Marvel Comics 2019)
Mr & Mrs X # 10 (Marvel Comics 2019)Mr & Mrs X # 10 (Marvel Comics 2019)
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