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Dark Horse Comics introduced its flagship title, “Dark Horse Presents” in 1986 and history was made! The all-new anthology-based comic book was a national hit! Fans couldn’t get enough, the popular comic book would often sell-out monthly! But, there’s no need to fear at White Dragon Comics, we stock a huge amount of Dark Horse Presents comic books for your buying pleasure!

Dark Horse Presents has been the testing ground and launch pad for many characters and settings that have become icons to comic book fans everywhere, with stories so riveting they had to give them their own series.  Concrete, Sin City, Hellboy and John Byrne's Next Men, are just a few of the titles Dark Horse Presents has spun-off. Sin City was so popular it went to the big screen, with not one, but two major movie deals! Find out for yourself today, you can buy Dark Horse Presents comic books today at White Dragon Comics. 

Dark Horse Presents has not let fans down. The list of contributing writers and artists reads like a “Who’s Who” in the comic book industry and every issue contains something for everyone. The stories printed within are not reprints, but original works presented for the very first time. Each issue contains several stand-alone stories plus installment of a few serials. The serials come and go with at least one new one starting every month. Both the short pieces and the serials encompass every possible genre and style of comic book storytelling.

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