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Evolving out of the Avengers and New Avengers, Time Runs Out storyline Comes Marvel Comic's Newest Hit Series... Secret Wars/Battlefield. Fans can Find the Latest Issues of the Popular Comic Book Right Here at White Dragon Comics.

The Secret Wars/Battleworld comic books from Marvel Comics began in May 2015, with the core series running for nine issues. Secret Wars was introduced to readers in May with two issues and an issue #0 on free comic book day. The comic mini-series ran for nine issues and evolved out of the Avengers and New Avengers, Time Runs Out storyline.

The basic premise of Secret Wars comic books starts with the collision of the Marvel 616 Universe with the Ultimate Marvel 1610 Universe, ending in the destruction of both worlds. Pieces of these two universes are mysteriously saved and blended with other post collision universes creating the, Battleworld.

Secret Wars comic books had numerous tie-in miniseries and ongoing titles that began throughout the event with many of them revisiting previous Marvel events such as Civil War, Age of Apocalypse, Days of Future Past (renamed, in this 2015 event, to Years of Future Past) and Armor Wars. All the tie-ins were aligned into one of three subtitles during the event consisting of Last Days, Battleworld, and Warzones.

Executive editor Tom Brevoort, of Marvel revealed that "Last Days" would show several characters from Captain America and Ms. Marvel to Loki and Magneto in their final adventures before the Marvel Universe comes to an end in Secret Wars, "Warzones" would focus on the individual domains, and "Battleworld" would be concerned with the infrastructure of the Battleworld as a whole.

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