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Aspen Comics was founded in 2003 by Artist Michael Layne Turner and has been publishing hit comic books of all genres.  Fans of Aspen MLT can find all of their popular titles collected here and available for sale on White Dragon Comics.

Artist Michael Turner founded Aspen MLT Comics in 2003 and is best known for producing a wide variety of comic books and collectible figurines. Turner picked the name Aspen, which comes from the main character of his hit comic book series, Fathom and MLT our simply Michael Layne Turner’s

Fathom originally published by Top Cow in 1998 was Michael Turners first creator-owned comic book. When Turner opened his new company, Aspen MLT he began producing Fathom under his imprint.

In 2004 Aspen Comics launched their first on-going hit, Soulfire a fantasy adventure. Soulfire originally named Dragonfly was set to be released under the Top Cow imprint, but was never put together and was not released until Turner started Aspen MLT in 2003. Also, Soulfire was first printed as a preview in Wizard Magazine in March of 2003, which introduced the two major characters of the story.

Aspen MLT Comics has worked with both of the two top five, Marvel and DC Comics on major cross-company collaborations. The best, and most well-known comic produced was Superman: Godfall and Superman/Batman: Supergirl. After this successful collaboration both Marvel and DC Comics were so impressed with Turner that they contracted the artist to do covers for their on-going series.

Idolized was Aspen Comics first ever superhero themed comic book and had overwhelming success. This new series about super-powered teens and twenty-somethings competing for the ultimate prize, a guaranteed spot in that world's top super-group, The Powered Protectors. In February of 2013 Aspen released the popular Legend of the Shadow Clan which was part of their own going special, 10 for 10. The story consisted of an ancient clan of ninjas, who no longer have masters, but instead have clients, while adapting to a modern world.

In 2015 Aspen released The Legend of Oz: Wicked West, a comic book series about the Land of Oz, but with a western and steampunk motif. Legend comes from Big Dog Inc. which merged with Aspen Comics in 2015. Big Dog which founded in 2009 brought a slew of new titles, and old titles to Aspen Comics who wasted no time re-releasing original properties through Aspen’s existing channels. Along with Legend other titles released by Aspen from the Big Dog Inc properties include; Shahrazad, Penny
For Your Soul, Ursa Minor, Critter, Knightingail and more.

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