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The most well known of all vintage science-fiction movies would have to be the original Star Wars. The Star Wars Franchise is one of the Highest Grossing in History. From Comic Books to Movies Star Wars has Covered it All! Fans Can Find Many Issues of The Comic Book "Star Wars" right here at White Dragon Comics!

The most well known of all vintage science-fiction movies would have to be the original Star Wars. It was crammed with hot action scenes; it had great characters, like Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker and R2D2. Star Wars had everything that science fiction fans wanted in a movie but had never gotten before. The first Star Wars movie was considered to be a mighty achievement with an original concept, an original story and first rate special effects. Each new edition of the Star Wars legacy serves to expand upon the Star Wars universe, and illuminate its history.

From the very beginning of the Star Wars phenomenon, comic books have been part of its cultural legacy. First editions of vintage Star Wars comic books top the want lists of most comic book collectors. Star Wars comic books have as interesting a history as the movies themselves. The first Star Wars comic book series was produced by Marvel Comics and enjoyed a hot run of nearly nine years, and expanding considerably on the Star Wars legacy.

Then, in 1991 the rights to producing Star Wars comic books was purchased by Dark Horse Comics. Under the Dark Horse banner, the Star Wars brand has flourished and expanded the Star Wars universe – as well as its legacy – even further.

It would be impossible to list here every Star Wars comic book that Dark Horse has produced in the last two decades, but the current line of Dark Horse Star Wars comics consists of several mini-series, featuring various characters, like Darth Vader and Han Solo. The various titles are set in a variety of time periods, from Darth Vader’s Purge of the Jedi Knights after the destruction of the Death Star, to the distant past, when the predecessors of the first Jedi were crafting the first light-sabers.

Also included in Dark Horse’s Star Wars comic list, are two new ongoing titles; The first, simply titled “Star Wars”, chronicles the exploits of Luke Skywalker and Princes Leia as they search for a new base of operation for their rebel alliance, immediately following the events of The Empire Strikes Back; the second title is “Star Wars: Legacy” set in a time some years after the timeline of the movies and it is about the daughter of Han Solo.

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In 2014 The Walt Disney Company acquired Lucasfilm and announced that The Star Wars Comic Book Series would return to Marvel Comics, Since then Marvel Comics has introduced several All-New ongoing series and one-shots.

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