Boom Box!

Boom Box Comics from Boom Studios offers "Tweens" a Host of Comic Books containing Stories Related to Issues Facing Teens in Todays Society!

Today’s teenagers are looking for a different kind of reading material, something political, but not overbearing; something touchy-feely, but not sexual; they are also looking for real-life situations, but not to “heavy” and Boom Studios answered giving them their own line of reading material with Boom Box.

 Boom Box’s line of comic books are designed to give the teenage audience comic books suited to “tweeners” looking for real life situations, but with a light-hearted approach. Since the addition of the Boom Box imprint sales for “teen” comics have risen drastically. This is good for two reasons, one it gets teenagers off cell phones and video games and provide teens with reading skills and two it raises awareness for comics! Comic books are one of the best ways to promote reading among young adults and it has been proven that comic’s not only help building reading skills, but keeps young readers coming back for more!

Boom Box’s most acclaimed title is Lumberjanes comic books. Lumberjanes has won two Eisner Awards, for Best New Series and Best Publication for Teens. The comic has also been optioned for a film by 20th Century Fox. Lumberjanes comics focus on a diverse group of girls at summer camp, including a transgender character. Lumberjanes flips gender stereotypes on their head, with the girls playing sports, having cool adventures, getting dirty, and even a fight or two. But these girls also dress up in “girly clothes” and love art projects. When boys, are introduced they love having tea-parties, are polite, clean, and well mannered, and enjoy cooking, and cleaning!

Boom Box offers many more comic book titles for tweeners, besides the Lumberjanes comics. Misfit City, Hi-Fi Fight Club and Goldie Vance comic books are just s sampling of the great comics offered by Boom Box and available for sale at White Dragon Comics.

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