In the Spotlight This Month

In the Spotlight This Month

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New 52 Comic Books

DC Comics Has a Huge List of the Best Comic Book Titles Set In Their New 52 Multiverse, With All Its Powerful Superheroes, Evil Super Villains, Metahuman Characters, Alien Planets and Strange Dimensions. We Have For Sale, All of the Best New 52 Comic Books You Are Looking For On Line.

DC Comics has a long history of providing top quality comic books featuring their iconic characters. But, the weight of all that history was sometimes daunting to new reader. Many different methods were tried over the years to give new readers an easy entry-point. Finally in 2011, DC Comics made the decision to re-launch their entire line of super hero comic books, releasing 52 new #1 issues in one month. Thus the New 52 Universe was created.

Thanks to the launch of the New 52, DC’s comic books are easier than ever to get into. If you are thinking about getting into comics; or have a super hero, powerful villain, metahuman, all-star team or other alien character you have always liked, but don’t know where to start; or have been thinking to get into a new series at the ground level, now is the best time. At DC Comics the phrase “New 52” represent a couple of things: The 52 different DC Universe comic book titles they publish each month featuring a variety of different superheroes, villains, all-star teams and other powerful metahuman, immortals and aliens, as well as the 52 Alternate Earths that comprise the ultimate DC multiverse.

The other really cool thing about the new 52 and all DC comic books is the DC universe and all its titles and characters that encompass the vast multiverse of alien planets, alternate Earths and strange dimensions all tie together. While DC comics are not reliant on the other titles, they are all written against this ultimate DC Universe backdrop.   Whether you read many DC titles or only a few, you will get a sense of this larger powerful back story. As the powerful DC superheroes, villains, immortals, metahumans and other characters interact with one another in each other’s comic books you will begin to see how they fit into the bigger picture.

Regardless of the types of characters and comics you like best the new 52 has a huge selection of different superheroes, all star teams, and villains to choose from.  When you combine that with the other DC Comics and stand alone titles, DC Comics has one of the largest selections of the best comic books to choose from, ensuring that you or the comic book lover in your life is able to find great titles and powerful characters you or they will enjoy following.

Here in our online comic book store, we offer a huge selection of the best most popular DC comic books - DC’s new 52 - on sale at every day low prices. The DC comic book’s section of our online store is categorized by superheroes/characters as well as by release date, making them easy to find. No matter what superheroes, villains, all-star teams, character collaborations or other powerful DC metahumans, immortals or alien characters you are looking for we have the DC title or series you want, and on sale at the best possible online price. We also make it easy to browse our online comic book store and find new titles, superheroes, villains, all-star teams and other powerful DC multiverse characters to get into. If you have any questions or are not finding the New 52 or other DC comic book title or series you are looking for in our online store please let us know and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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