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Dark Horse Comics are the Pioneers of Creator-Owned Comic Books and Characters. Dark Horse Comics Holds the Comic Book Licenses for some of the Hottest Properties in Movies and Television. Dark Horse Comics Offers Diversity of Comic Book Genres, With Groups of Titles that Include Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror and More. Here on Our Web Site, You Will Find All The Best That Dark Horse Comics Has To Offer at the Best Possible Price.

We all have Our favorite superheroes. But when you're looking for something a little different, where do yo go? Well, one publisher that's known for providing diversity in comic books, with a wide choice of genres, is Dark Horse Comics. From science fiction to fantasy, from humor to horror. Whatever kind of comic books that you like to read, Dark Horse Comics has something for you.

Dark Horse Comics, established in 1986, began with just two comic book tiles. Within one year they added nine more titles to their growing roster. Now Dark Hose Comics is the third largest comic book publisher in the United States. Founder Mike Richardson began with the idea of establishing an ideal atmosphere for creative professionals, treating writers and artists as partners in the comic-publishing field instead of simply work-for-hire freelancers. Soon the industry’s top comic book creators were flocking to Dark Horse Comics, where they could be involved in the publishing and marketing of their own creations.

In 1988, Dark Horse Comics revolutionized the field of comic books based on popular films with the release of their hit series Aliens, (with Predator following soon after) and started a yet another new trend in the comic book world. While licensed comic book projects had been around for decades, most publishers were reluctant to devote their best resources to comic book titles they did not fully own. Dark Horse Comics took a different tack by plotting new stories and using top talent to create comic book series that were essentially sequels to the original films. This fresh approach met with enormous success, and sales on these popular titles sailed into the millions. The launch of their first Star Wars comic book series in 1990 solidified Dark Horse’s domination of movie-based comic book series. Today, Dark Horse is the acknowledged industry leader in this profitable publishing niche. Current licensed properties include Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Mass Effect, Conan, Serenity, Dollhouse, and others.

Also in 1990, Dark Horse Comics again startled the entire comic book industry by combining its two hottest Fox movie franchises into a single comic book series and Aliens vs. Predators was born. The overwhelming success of this unprecedented move took the comic book world by storm, and spawned an industry-wide trend. This strategy led directly to a series of crossover projects with industry giant DC Comics, again using the most talented and sought after comic book creators to team up iconic comic book characters with current, hot movie properties. Soon inter-company crossovers could be found on every shelf of the comic book stores.  

1990 was a banner year for Dark Horse Comics, because it also saw the launch of two new comic book titles by the now legendary Frank Miller with artwork provide by two more industry greats, Dave Gibbons and Geoff Darrow. The success of these titles, together with Dark Horse’s creator’s-rights platform, led to the signing of more high-profile comic book creators such as Mike Mignola, Art Adams, Walt Simonson, John Byrne, and Chris Claremont, who brought their new projects to a company other than the "Big Two" for the first time.
Now, recognized as a trendsetter and powerful influence in the comic book industry, Dark Horse Comics turned their efforts to launching their own line of super-hero comic books, dubbed Comics Greatest World. Over the course a few months, Dark Horse Comics introduced a host of new comic book characters and settings, many of which have continued to gain in popularity and readership to this day. Then, in 1996, the Dark Horse Comics legacy came full-circle when one of their company-owned characters, Barb Wire, was made into a movie starring one of the biggest-named actresses at the time, Pamela Anderson!
2011, their 25th anniversary year, brought another landmark event, as they re-launched their flagship title, Dark Horse Presents, in an all-new, eighty-page format. The roster of contributors to this anthology series reads like a “who’s who” of comic book talent. Dark Hose Presents continues to set the standard as the premier, anthology style comic book.

Today, Dark Horse Comics continues introducing new creator owned projects on a regular basis as well as expanding on all of its lines of comic books: science fiction, fantasy, crime, comedy and horror.

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