Comic Books from April 2017

April 2017 had Comic Book Fans on the Edge of their Seats! New Number Ones, Exciting New Storylines and Much More! Check Out this Amazing Month and Find the Coolest Comic Books For Sale On-line!

April 2017 was an exciting month of comic books! Comic book fans were given a wealth of comic titles to choose from! Marvel and DC Comics paved the way for their publishers along with Image, IDW, Dark Horse Comics, Aftershock Comics and many more!

DC Comics gave fans the much anticipated first installment of “The Button” storyline in Batman #21, which was DC Comics number one seller in April 2017. Also setting best-selling charts on fire was the second edition of “The Button” in Flash #21! DC Comics offered these two comics with regular covers and lenticular cover, all selling out as soon as they hit comic book store shelves!

Not to be out done by DC Comics, Marvel Comics released several must-have comic issues in April 2017 as well! Secret Empire #0 made its debut from Marvel Comics, and what an Issue! Captain America working for Hydra, say it isn’t true Marvel! In other comics X-Men Blue and X-Men Gold hit comic book stores as well, both quickly hit the top ten best selling comic books in April of 2017. Marvels huge comic book sensation Star Wars released continuing hit comic, Star Wars #30. Luke has stumbled upon the last native planet and the stonepower is strong on this one!

Image Comics and popular writer Robert Kirkman did not leave fans down with the long-running Walking Dead series, Walking Dead #166! Can Dwight defend the ruins of Alexandria against the Saviors? Pick up a copy of this must have comic book series and find out today!

Dark Horse Comics kept comic book readers on their toes too, releasing Neil Gaiman's American Gods: Shadows #2…their best-selling comic book in April 2017. IDW’s Star Trek/Green Lantern Volume 2 #5 was the number one selling comic book for April 2017, putting IDW Comics on the map, so to speak.

There were several other hits coming out of the lessor known publishing companies that were very cool and quickly jumped off of shelves everywhere! Comics from Aftershock, Boom, Dynamite Comics, Oni Press, Avatar, Titan Comics and many more!

White Dragon Comics is pleased to offer comic book fans comics for sale online from these great publishers! We encourage fans and readers to check out these small press companies! We assure you, you will Not be disappointed!!

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