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Villains Month was The Most Anticipated Event of The New 52. Villains Month offeres Fans a In-Depth Look at their Favorite Villain!

DC Comics launch of the New 52 comic book story-line provided superheroes with All-New Comic Book Series and a new beginning, starting comics with a new issue one, but what about the villains? Everybody loves a great villain, in fact comic book fans demand a great villain/story and DC delivered! Giving fans of “Baddies” their own set of villainous comic books with Villains Month! These comic books were among some of the finest, coolest comic books written for The New 52 Story-line!

DC Comics published several one-shot comic books featuring all the Super-Villains in 3-d and 2-d comics. Fans felt that some of the Villain Month comics were insightful, giving them a new look into the past of their favorite villain. And, other’s not so well… just bad guys being bad.

With Villain Month comic books as each issue could have been about devastation and death, because when the bad is in control everything good goes out the window!

DC Comics remedied that when they placed the villain in role of hero in their respective story, it was these comics that did well selling out quickly. The coolest comic books spinning out of Villains Month contained Batman’s famous wrongdoers Poison Ivy and The Ventriloquist. These comics provided fans with a detailed showing of their characters origins and how they took advantage of the crime syndicates New World Order!

Whether you are a fan of The New 52 or a hater of the New 52 comic book fans can find several Villain Month Comics for sale here at White Dragon Comics.

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