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Batman, DC's most popular superhero has many different faces and personalities, depending on the story and who is writing his character. Batman Incorporated is a comic that features a Batman that's edgier, scarier, and confident!  You can buy these Batman comic books and more online at White Dragon Comics.

Batman Incorporated is an international organization, started by Batman and funded by Bruce Wayne and Wayne Enterprises under the guise that Batman is a part of the Wayne Security. Batman has recruited all the big-hitters from all over the world, organized them as a solid group to fight crime. One unique aspect of Batman Inc. is the fact that each of the corporate offices had its own “Batman.” In most cases, these were local heroes conscripted by Bruce Wayne. Batman supplied others with weapons and technology.

Grant Morrison writer and creator of Batman Incorporated introduced fans to a slew of new and old superheroes and villains. Starting over in May of 2012, Batman Incorporated relaunched with an all-new number as part of the second wave of DC's company-wide title relaunch, The New 52. Batman Incorporated will keep elements of the Batman, Batman and Robin and the first series of Batman Incorporated in the new release of Batman Incorporated.

You can join Batman as it finally hits him that he has never been alone fighting crime; let the adventure’s continue today, in Batman Incorporated. Find the latest and best of Batman Incorporated for sale online at White Dragon Comics.

Batman Incorporated #  6 (DC Comics 2013)Batman Incorporated # 6 (DC Comics 2013)
Batman Incorporated #  8 (DC Comics 2011)Batman Incorporated # 8 (DC Comics 2011)
Batman Incorporated # 10  (DC Comics 2013)Batman Incorporated # 10 (DC Comics 2013)
Batman Incorporated # 11  (DC Comics 2013)Batman Incorporated # 11 (DC Comics 2013)
Batman Incorporated # 12  (DC Comics 2013)Batman Incorporated # 12 (DC Comics 2013)
Batman Incorporated # 13  (DC Comics 2013)Batman Incorporated # 13 (DC Comics 2013)
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