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Marvel Max Comics are Comic Books for Fans that are looking for Stories that are written on the Racier and Seedier side. Pack full of Excitment with no Holds Barred! Marvel Max Comics give Fans more Bang for the Buck.

In 2011 Marvel Comics launched their first adults only line of comic books, Max. Marvel Max Comics is the site for fans who crave more sex, violence and all around badassness. Despite the huge success of DC Vertigo, which launched in 1993, and the Marvel Knights imprint which focused on a more mature storyline, Marvel Comics envisioned something with a bit more punch, something that would make comic book readers sit back after reading and say, “OMG, best story ever, not for the faint of heart and I can’t believe they did that, WOW” and Max Comics provided that.

Marvel Comics first comic book published under Max was Alias, a story that focused on Jessica Jones, a former Avenger turned private investigator. The series introduced us to a seedier side of the Marvel Universe and was the first comic book from Marvel to contain the “f” word.

The Max imprint allowed some much darker storylines, for Marvel Comics and their writers and oddly enough, almost all of the Max line of comic books took place outside of the Marvel Universe. Marvel felt that it was not appropriate for such a well established fictional universe to play host to such adult stories. This is a huge shame, the possibilities of the stories that we could have seen set in the Marvel Universe and unrestrained by the usual ratings system were limitless.

The best character and comic book to come out of the Max line is The Punisher, which put Marvel Comics on the map! Max gave writer Garth Ennis more freedom with The Punisher series, breathing new life into the popular character, making Max Comics the perfect home for Frank Castle.

If you're looking for something a little racier, a bit of violence maybe Then Max Comic Books are for you! The Max line was recently halted, but fans can still find some of their great comic books here at White Dragon Comics, for sale at the best prices on the internet.

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