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Catwoman is the Most Popular Female Anti-Hero in Comic Books Today. Catwoman’s Status in the DC Comic Book Universe Is Higher than Ever. We Offer a Fine Selection of Catwoman Comic Books for Sale Here in Our Online Comic Book Store.

DC Comics, publishers of some of the most popular comic book superheroes brings to life one of the best villain/villainess to hit comic book shelves, Catwoman. Catwoman is a costumed adventurer who swings both ways; that is, she has been both superhero and super-villain. Catwoman began her career as a thief, and was an enemy to Batman.

Catwoman has been depicted, in the comic book world as a villainess throughout her comic book career, but both her obsession and apparent chemistry with Batman have caused Catwoman to work on the side of the angels on numerous occasions. Catwoman really tries to be good, but there’s just so many pretty, shiny things around. Catwoman often tries to help herself to a little souvenir, when assisting Batman, who reminds Catwoman she is a Hero, not a Villain.

Catwoman, obviously an animal lover will often take action when the lives of animals, especially cats are in endangered. Greedy poachers, unethical laboratory researchers, or anyone who would stand to gain by harming innocent beasts, all better be on the lookout for Catwoman.

Too many, Catwoman is a hero every day. To the street children that Catwoman protects and watches over, Catwoman is an angel of hope. For despite her affinity for the night and its shadows there is a light that burns inside Catwoman.

Catwoman has appeared in many comic books and story-lines over the years. Catwoman has had three ongoing comic book series to her credit to date, as well as numerous one shots, mini-series and guest appearances. Since the launch of the New 52, Catwoman's importance in the DC comic book universe has taken on a much greater significance, as seen in the most recent issues of Catwoman comic books.

White Dragon Comics offers you a selection of the best and latest Catwoman comics to choose from. Pick up some of Catwoman's comic books and decide for yourself if she is a villain or a hero.

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