In the Spotlight This Month

In the Spotlight This Month

Bionic Man/Woman Comic Books

Fans of The Bionic Man and The Bionic Woman will find Thier Continuing Adventures in Comic Books! White Dragon Comics Has Many Issues of The Popular Bionic Man and The Bionic Woman Comics Right Here!

The Bionic Man got his start as the star of the television show, Six Million Dollar Man. The Bionic Man was based on a character from the novel, Cyborg by Martin Caidin. The Bionic Man is and has been one of the most popular heroes to grace the small screen or the comic book page. The Bionic Man was created in 1972 and was portrayed as a much more ruthless character in comic books. Steve Austin became The Bionic Man when he was “rebuilt” after a tragic, fatal accident when he was test piloting a new aircraft for NASA.

The Bionic Man received his powers when he was rebuilt, in the television show, with a bionic left eye with 20x zoom that allowed him to see in the dark and was also a deadly accurate targeting device. The Bionic Man also received two bionic legs that allowed him to achieve running speeds in excess of 90 mph. The Bionic Man also gained a new bionic right arm that could exert as much pressure as a bulldozer. The arm also could coordinate with the eye for an extremely accurate throwing ability. In the comic book version there are a few differences in The Bionic Man’s power-set. For instance, the arm is much stronger, capable of bending steel, the telescopic abilities of the eye have been increased, and a camera and a laser have been added. While, his top speed has been effectively reduced, one leg now conceals a radio transmitter, which uses one of the Bionic Mans ribs for an antenna.

The Bionic Man is soon reintroduced to his high school sweetheart Jamie Sommers, after his terrible accident. The two soon realize that they are still in love with each other, and Austin, the Bionic Man proposes and she accepts. But a few days later, while parachuting, Jamie’s parachute malfunctioned and she falls to earth. Her injuries were massive, and paralleled Austin's own from earlier, both legs destroyed, her right arm torn away, and rendered deaf in her right ear. Austin pushed for Oscar Goldman and the Office of Scientific Intelligence to rebuild her. Goldman agrees, but makes Austin aware that Sommers will be asked to become an agent. The bionic surgery, overseen by Dr. Rudy Wells, replaces Sommers arm and legs with similar super-powered bionics capable of rendering her with superhuman strength, speed, and jumping ability. Her right ear is replaced with a super-sensitive listening device capable of selectively detecting a pin drop from a mile away.

Jamie Sommers accepts and willingly becomes OSI agent, The Bionic Woman. Jamie experiences problems with her bionic limbs, her body starts to reject the bionic limbs, causing psychosis and pain, ultimately leading to the Bionic Woman going back into surgery to try and save her. Jamie, the Bionic Woman dies on the operating table, but is revived with an experimental drug. Steve Austin, the Bionic Man is under the assumption that Jamie died and does not find out that she did in fact survive until months later. It is not until years later that the two meet up, rekindle and marry.

Both the Bionic Man and Bionic Woman comic books have been popular for years, always rising to the top of comic book shelves. White Dragon Comics has a variety of Bionic Man and Bionic Woman comic books to choose from.

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