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The Young Avengers are among the Coolest Superhero Team-Ups in the Marvel Universe! Starring in Several Comic Book Mini-Series and Stand-Alone Comics fans can find these Super-Cool Comics for Sale Right Here at White Dragon Comics!

Young Avenger comic books published by Marvel Comics was a limited series starring young super-heroes. The series was highly popular and has been resurrected several times with min-series, ongoing status and several special appearances.  

Young Avenger’s comic books first appeared in 2005 following the Avengers Disassembled storyline. In the comic book series our Young Avengers are often referred to as super-powered fanboys mostly from the newspaper, which our young heroes despised!  The second name used when referring to our heroes was and continues to be The Yong Avengers.

The biggest event in Marvel’s past, Civil War was one of the Young Avengers largest story-line in the comic book universe. The Young Avengers chose to side with Captain America and the resistance, known as The Secret Avengers!

In 2008 the Young Avengers were extremely busy starring in two min-series! The first was Young Avengers Presents and the second comic book mini-series had the Young Avengers teaming-up with the Runaways in Secret Invasion.

In 2009 the Young Avengers were once again called upon for assistance. This event had our young heroes helping Steve Rogers defend Asgard against Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers and Initiative.

2010 had the Young Avengers starred in another long run of comic books in, Avengers: The Children's Crusade which ran for two years! Then in 2013 the Young Avengers were once again called upon in Marvels Comics newest event, MarvelNOW!

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