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Liquid Comics Is One of the Hottest New Comic Book Publishing Companies and the Only One Presenting New Stories and Characters Set Within the Rich and Diverse Culture of India. Here on This Page You Will Find the Latest Comic Books from Liquid Comics 

Liquid Comics is an entertainment company that creates cinematic and mythic graphic novel stories using a variety of comic book creators along with filmmakers and other types of storytellers. Some of the talent that Liquid Comics has enlisted include movie directors John Woo, Guy Ritchie, Jonathan Mostow, John Moore, Barry Sonnenfeld and the late Wes Craven, along with comic book writer Grant Morrison, comic book artist Dave Stewart, screenwriter Marc Guggenheim and actors Edward Burns and Nicolas Cage

Liquid Comics, which began in 2006 as Virgin Comics, was founded by Sir Richard Branson, writer Depak Chopra, filmmaker  Shekhar Kapur and three entrepreneurs from India; Movie Producer Sharad Devarajan, Author and son of Depak, Gotham Chopra and Advertising Executive Suresh Seetharaman. The name was changed to Liquid Comics in 2008 follow a restructuring and relocation of the company.

The goal of Liquid Comics is two-fold. First is to publish comic books that feature characters and storylines that explore in depth the rich and unique culture and creativity of India while remaining accessible to a worldwide audience of comic book fans. Second is collaborating with a wide cross-section of various types of creative talents from around the world, matching comic book writers and artists with filmmakers, musicians and other kinds of artists.

Liquid Comics is a relatively new publisher, so their stable of titles is small. But with the level of experience and dedication that they have behind them, it is only a matter of time until they are a driving force in the comic book industry.

White Dragon Comics will be stocking all of Liquid Comics new series as they become available, so check back here frequently to see the latest additions.

Coming of Rage #  1 (Liquid Comics 2015)Coming of Rage # 1 (Liquid Comics 2015)
Coming of Rage #  1 (Liquid Comics 2015) VariantComing of Rage # 1 (Liquid Comics 2015) Variant
Coming of Rage #  1 to 5 (Liquid Comics 2015)Coming of Rage # 1 to 5 (Liquid Comics 2015)
Coming of Rage #  2 (Liquid Comics 2015)Coming of Rage # 2 (Liquid Comics 2015)
Coming of Rage #  3 (Liquid Comics 2015)Coming of Rage # 3 (Liquid Comics 2015)
Coming of Rage #  4 (Liquid Comics 2016)Coming of Rage # 4 (Liquid Comics 2016)
Coming of Rage #  5 (Liquid Comics 2016)Coming of Rage # 5 (Liquid Comics 2016)
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