In the Spotlight This Month

In the Spotlight This Month

Miles Morales Comic Books

Shoppers Searching for Miles Morales Spider-Man Comic Books Will Find a Large Selection for Sale Here at White Dragon Comics!

Miles Morales, Marvel Comics newest hero (after the Peter Parker’s untimely death) made his debut in 2011. The popular character first appeared in Ultimate Fallout #4, following the death of Peter Parker. An Afro-Latino teenager, Miles is the second Spider-Man to appear in Ultimate Marvel, an imprint with a separate continuity from the mainstream Marvel Universe.

Like his predecessor Miles Morales’ Spider-Man quickly grabbed the imaginations of Spider fans everywhere. Not only did Miles depiction of Spider-Man appeal to new fans, but Peter Parker fans were quickly joining the bandwagon as well. Fans that have not looked at Miles Morales Spider-Man comics need to pick up the newest copy and see just what they are missing!

Spider-Man creator (Morales character) Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli give fans more bang for their buck with the well-written, well-liked and captivating stories in Spider-Man (2018) comic books. Artist Sara Pichelli drawing of Miles Morales is revered, it was so good that she was nominated and won the 2011 Eagle Award for Favorite Newcomer Artist (2011). Shoppers, this is a must have series for fans and collectors alike!

In 2019 Bendis was replaced as writer by the quickly rising writer Saladin Ahmed. After taking the reins to Miles Morales Spider-Man comics the issue quickly sold out of stores and was ordered for a second print almost immediately.'s official review called the marriage between Ahmed and Morales "a match made in heaven." It's safe to say that Ahmed is one of Marvel's biggest rising stars.

Shoppers looking to purchase Miles Morales comic books will find a large selection available here at White Dragon Comics. Fan’s don’t let this one pass you by, pick up Miles Morales comics today and enjoy the newest and latest big star form the Marvel Universe!

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