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Image Comics is one of the best comic book publishers on the market today, producing hit comic books on a monthly basis. Image Comics offers fans many different genres to choose from and one of the more popular genres coming out of Image Comics is Historical Comic Books.

Historical Comic Books are a genre of comics that focus on historical events, places and people. Some historical comic books are used as educational tools; University of Idaho Professor Katherine Aiken states that because comic books reflect larger social issues in U.S. society, they can help students examine how U.S. artists addressed issues of race, gender, nationalism, and conflict in popular publications.

Some educational publishers have produced illustrated history stories, comic books and graphic novels to capture younger readers' attention.  While history-based graphic novels are a useful supplement to course materials, studying comic books can provide a different focus in the classroom, enticing even the pickiest reader to pick up a copy and start reading. Once reading is started, the learning process has begun and as they say rest is history!

One of the best historical comics being written today comes from writer Jason Aaron and artist R.M. Guéra, The Goddamned. This new ongoing historical series of stark and brutal biblical noir, begins with a Special Over-Sized Issue featuring thirty pages of story. It's 1,655 years after Eden, and life on Earth has gone to hell. The world of man is a place of wanton cruelty and wickedness. Prehistoric monsters and stone-age marauders roam the land. Murder and destruction are the rule of the day. Humankind is a failed experiment. This is life before the Flood. This is the story of man, a man on the verge of his first apocalypse. Welcome to the world of the Goddamned.

Rasputin is another big-hit from Image Comics. Rasputin focuses on the history of Grigori Rasputin and is written by Alex Grecian and drawn by Riley Rossmo. The comic book story is a refined tale about an infamous historical figure that could not be more perfectly crafted. Writer Grecian gives Rasputin’s story a unique look at the oft fictionalized historical figure and focuses heavily on the choices Rasputin has had to make throughout his life, starting at an early age, in regards to his mystical abilities and whether he will employ it cruelly or benevolently.

Fans and readers of all genres can find these stories and many more for sale here at White Dragon Comics. Check back often as we are always adding new comic book’s based on Historical events, places and persons.

Black Road #  2 (Image Comics 2016)Black Road # 2 (Image Comics 2016)
Black Road #  3 (Image Comics 2016)Black Road # 3 (Image Comics 2016)
Black Road #  4 (Image Comics 2016)Black Road # 4 (Image Comics 2016)
Black Road #  5 (Image Comics 2016)Black Road # 5 (Image Comics 2016)
Black Road #  6 (Image Comics 2016)Black Road # 6 (Image Comics 2016)
Black Road #  7 (Image Comics 2016)Black Road # 7 (Image Comics 2016)
Black Road #  8 (Image Comics 2017)Black Road # 8 (Image Comics 2017)
Black Road #  9 (Image Comics 2017)Black Road # 9 (Image Comics 2017)
Black Road # 10 (Image Comics 2017)Black Road # 10 (Image Comics 2017)
Goddamned #  1 (Image Comics 2015)Goddamned # 1 (Image Comics 2015)
Goddamned #  2 (Image Comics 2015)Goddamned # 2 (Image Comics 2015)
Goddamned #  3 (Image Comics 2015)Goddamned # 3 (Image Comics 2015)
Goddamned #  4 (Image Comics 2015)Goddamned # 4 (Image Comics 2015)
Goddamned #  5 (Image Comics 2015)Goddamned # 5 (Image Comics 2015)
Goddamned, Virgin Brides #  1 (Image Comics 2020)Goddamned, Virgin Brides # 1 (Image Comics 2020)
Goddamned, Virgin Brides #  2 (Image Comics 2020)Goddamned, Virgin Brides # 2 (Image Comics 2020)
Goddamned, Virgin Brides #  3 (Image Comics 2020)Goddamned, Virgin Brides # 3 (Image Comics 2020)
Goddamned, Virgin Brides #  4 (Image Comics 2020)Goddamned, Virgin Brides # 4 (Image Comics 2020)
Last Siege #  2 of 8 (Image Comics 2018)Last Siege # 2 of 8 (Image Comics 2018)
Last Siege #  3 of 8 (Image Comics 2018)Last Siege # 3 of 8 (Image Comics 2018)
Last Siege #  4 of 8 (Image Comics 2018)Last Siege # 4 of 8 (Image Comics 2018)
Last Siege #  5 of 8 (Image Comics 2018)Last Siege # 5 of 8 (Image Comics 2018)
Last Siege #  6 of 8 (Image Comics 2018)Last Siege # 6 of 8 (Image Comics 2018)
Last Siege #  7 of 8 (Image Comics 2018)Last Siege # 7 of 8 (Image Comics 2018)
Last Siege #  8 of 8 (Image Comics 2018)Last Siege # 8 of 8 (Image Comics 2018)
Rasputin #  4 (Image Comics 2014)Rasputin # 4 (Image Comics 2014)
Rasputin #  5 (Image Comics 2014)Rasputin # 5 (Image Comics 2014)
Three # 5 (Image Comics 2013)Three # 5 (Image Comics 2013)
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