The Future of the New 52 Comic Books

The Future of the New 52 comic books takes place a thousand years from today. But Fans Can Find Several Issues of he Future of the New 52 Comics Right Here!

The Future of the New 52 comic books takes place a thousand years from today. It stars a group of super-powered teenagers who call themselves the Legion of Super-heroes. The Legion of Super-heroes brings together young people from all over the galaxy to be a Universal symbol of peace and diplomacy and to assist the Science Police with apprehension of super-powered criminals. The idea for this came from the mind of Trillionaire, R.J. Brande, when his life was saved from an assassin’s plot by three super-powered teenagers, who happened to be on the same flight, but did not know each other. Brande was inspired by their teamwork, and, as a history buff, they reminded him of the colorful 21th Century heroes he had read about.

As part of the New 52 they were given a new origin story in Legion Secret Origin which was a six-issue mini-series. And to further cement their place in the New 52 Universe a small group of Legionnaires became trapped in the present day, their past, in a series called Legion Lost.

The Future of the 52 comic book event took DC Comic fans by surprise, being some of the best comics written today. The Future of the New 52 comic books were well received by comic fans everywhere, often leading to sold-out comics in stores nationwide! But, here at White Dragon Comic fans can find several issues of Future of the New 52 comics for sale!

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