Earth's Mightiest Heroes

One Super Hero is cool, but by themselves may not be enough to stop some Villains. Marvels’ Avenger Comic Books Team-up some of the Most Powerful Marvel Super Heroes and S.H.I.E.L.D. Operatives to make for some really awesome, action-packed comics. Our website offers a great selection of the best Avenger comic books for sale online

Some of Marvel Comics’ super villain characters have huge armies or extreme powers that are so strong they require super heroes to band together. One Marvel super hero by themself is really cool and nearly unstoppable, but when you combine the powers of Marvel’s best super heroes, they are truly invincible and make for one really awesome comic book.

The Avengers are a team of Marvel Comics Superheroes that came together to combat those villains "...that no single superhero can withstand." The Avengers team made their comic book debut in the legendary The Avengers # 1, written and drawn by two comic book creators that have become legends themselves, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Since that first issue, the Avengers have appeared in over six hundred comic books.

There are currently four different Avengers comic books being produced by Marvel Comics. They are: The Avengers, Avengers AssembleThe New Avengers and The Secret Avengers. Each of these comic books has its own cast of characters and storylines that reflect the different types of Avengers missions and different types of villains that they fight. There is also a comic book called Dark Avengers, that features a team of captured and convicted villains, forced to do secret missions for the government. One more monthly comic book in the Avengers' family is Avengers Academy, that features young heroes in training to be Avengers.

One of the best things about a team oriented comic book like Marvel Comics' Avengers, is that you will find all of the most popular (and the most powerful) superheroes in one comic book. If you like Thor, Captain America, Hulk and Iron-man, you can find them all in one comic book.

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