Archaia, an Imprint of The Popular Boom! Studios Makes Its Mark with All-New Comic Book Titles and some of the Most Popular and Coolest Comic Book Titles from Writer/Artitst Mark Smylie.

Archaia , formerly known as Archaia Studios Press , began publishing comic books in 2002 when writer/artist Mark Smylie decided to form his own imprint along with Aki Liao. Archaia Comics started their new company publishing mainly graphic novels and some comic books. The company has weathered many ups and down along with the growth of the graphic novel business.

In 2008 business partner, Aki Liao left the comic book publishing company in 2008, leaving fans wondering if Archaia would pull through, but it emerged with an even better profile after being acquired by Chicago-based PJ Bickett and Kunoichi Inc. Archaia bounced back with an ambitious slate of hardcover graphic novels. Archaia did well for several months, until a mistake with their distributors at the bookstore level left Achaia with a punishing number of returns, almost destroying the comic book company.

In 2013, popular comic book and graphic novel publishing company, Boom! Comics acquired the company and became a wholly owned imprint. This move has proved to be a highly successful endeavor for both companies. Each comic book publishing company is strong with licensing tie-ins. Boom! has had incredible success with its Adventure Time, Regular Show and Bravest Warrior comic books. Archaia has big hits with comic books based on various Jim Henson properties, including Fraggle Rock comics and and many more Eisner Award-winning comic books.

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