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Bongo Comics is the Comic Book Headquarters for All The Characters from the Simpsons and Spongebob Squarepants TV Shows. We Offer an Extensive Selection of the Best and Funniest Comic Books from Bongo Comics Right Here in Our Online Store.

In 1993 the creative team of Matt Groening along with longtime friends and fellow artist joined forces and produced a one-shot comic book, Simpsons Comics & Stories.  It was an immediate success, leading to the realization of Matt Groening’s childhood dream of owning a comic book company, and the formation of Bongo Comics. Beginning in November of that same year, “Simpsons” fans were rewarded with inaugural issues of 4 new comic book series: Radioactive Man, Itchy & Scratchy Comics, Bartman, and Simpsons Comics.

Groening stated in 1993, as his reason for starting the Bongo comic book imprint, "I go into comic book stores and look at all the stuff, and, for the most part, it looks like fairly grim science-fiction and superhero stuff ... I guess I just thought there was room out there for funny comic books.” (Times-News,1993). This thought drove Groening; he hoped that Bongo Comics could help to revitalize the comic book industry, and held discussions to publish cross-overs with characters from other comic book publishing companies.

With the continuing popularity of The Simpsons television show, Bongo Comics have kept the comic book series and the long-time running television series separate, each offering different stand-alone stories. But while the show has always been intended for a more mature audience, Bongo Comics has intentionally kept their various Simpsons series and specials appropriate for all ages. Bongo Comics continually produces hit after comic book hit, and their holiday specials sell out as soon as they hit comic book shelves.

Bongo Comics has also teamed up with United Plankton Pictures founder, Stephen Hillenburg, to create Spongebob Comics. Spongebob Comics has been hugely successful in the all-ages comic book category, further cementing Bongo Comics’ presence on the comic shop shelves.

In addition to their kid-friendly comic book series, Bongo comics has produced a number of titles aimed at older comic book readers. World renowned cartoonist, Sergio Aragones, and mega pop icons, Coldplay, have produced comic books published by Bongo Comics

For a good laugh, Bongo Comics will tickle your funny bone. Right here are the latest and best comic books that Bongo Comic has to offer. Take advantage of our prompt, friendly service and great shipping rates and brighten up your day with some really fun comic books from Bongo Comics.

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