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Image Comics has the largest selection of Creator-Owned Comics available today. White Dragon Comics strives to bring fans the latest in creator-owned comics, from Image Comics'Creator-Owned Series for sale in one place on line. Whether you are a fan of Image Comics Anthologies and Fantasy, Historical and Real-life, Horror and Sci-Fi or Super-Hero and Humor genres you'll find it here.

Image Comics formed in 1992 by creators for creators is becoming one of the best comic book publishing companies to date. Image Comics formed out of frustration when writers and artists’ new characters and storylines were being heavily merchandised (by Marvel Comics), with artists and writers only receiving standard rates for their work, while Marvel Comics reaped the profits.

In 1991 a group of artist approached Marvel president, Terry Stewart demanding that the company give them ownership and creative control over their work. This small group included comic heavyweights Erik Larsen, Rob Liefeld, Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane and a few others. Marvel, did not meet their demands, resulting in one of the best publishers of creator-owned works being formed, Image Comics. They introduced an increasingly important business model for the company, offering other creators the same total-ownership terms the partners enjoyed, but taking a fixed fee upon publication for the company's administrative costs. This practice was later formalized as a function of "Image Central", the business unit independent of any of the studios.

Creator-owned means exactly that, the trademark and copyright of the work in question is wholly owned by its original creator. The majority of the comics and graphic novels published by Image are creator-owned. While Image as a company does have some say in the promotion and distribution of the titles it publishes, it is done with non-creative interference to protect the company and maintain responsibility for our public image.
Since 1992 Image has been publishing hit comic books that have quickly sold-out, often going to second and even third printings. Images popularity has led the company to become the third largest comic book publishing company in the United States.
Image Comics popularity with artists took the publishing company to a new high, producing many titles, which led to several imprints being formed under the publishing company. Image Central, is the main publishing department of Image Comics, responsible for the largest portion of their titles. Imager Central is home to literally dozens of writers and artists engaged in producing their creator-owned works.

Although most of the titles published by Image Central defy classification, we have attempted to divide them into some general categories to help you, the fan better find the stories and genres that most appeal to you. We encourage you to take the time and look over our extensive inventory of creator-owned comics from Image. Fans are sure to find a title that is suited to their taste from Image Central

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