Rebirth Dark Nights: Metal Event

DC Comics event of the Century is Here: Rebirth's Dark Nights: Metal Event that will Leave Fans Aghast! Evil Incarnations of Batman are Set-Out to Destroy All of The Earths.... Pick Up Rebirth Dark Nights: Metal Event Comics here and Find Out what Happens!

Rebirth Dark Nights: Metal Event is a DC Comics event that has been touted as an “Event Like No Other!” Rebirth Dark Nights comic books will test Batman, Superman and The Justice League as they have never been tested before; the Dark Multiverse is revealed in all its devastating danger.

Rebirth Dark Nights: Metal Event begins in Batman comics when Batman discovers a dark multiverse that has been existing under the DC multiverse. Both multiverses are connected through a series of mysterious metals that Batman has encountered over several years. While investigating the dark multiverse Batman releases several versions of himself and all versions are lead by Barbatos, the dark god who has plans to unleash darkness throughout every Earth!

There are two prelude comics to Rebirth Dark Nights: Metal Event, Dark Days: The Forge and Dark Days: The Casting. Dark Days: The Forge lays out the foundation for Metal and writers Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV promise comic book readers a mystery full of suspense and drama like nothing they have read before! This is a must read comic book for DC Comic fans, setting up the horrifying events of Dark Nights Metal comics. Dark Days: The Casting brings Hal Jordon and Duke Thomas to the Batcave where they find the imprisoned Joker who reveals that the mystery surrounding the metal Dionesium. The Joker also tells them that Batman is building a machine that will end the world. The Dark Days are over…. The Dark Nights are coming!

The main comic book series Dark Nights: Metal, also the main series had a six issue run and a collection of one-shots. Each showcasing the origin of one of the Nightmare Batmen. There were also two cross-over spin-offs, the first storyline was Gotham Resistance and the second was Bats Out of Hell.

Rebirth Dark Nights: Metal Event is the biggest event of the Century and a must have series for all comic book fans! Fans can find many of the Rebirth Dark Nights: Metal Event comic books for sale right here at White Dragon Comics.

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