IDW’s Relationship With Cartoon Network Has Produced Some of the Finest Comic Books for Young Readers on Comic Shop Shelves Today. White Dragon Comics Believes in the Importance of Wholesome Entertainment for Children and Pre-teens, Which is Why We Offer This Selection of Fun and Exciting Cartoon Network Comic Books to Buy.

When DC Comics ended its long-running Cartoon Network comic, it seemed as if the popular Cartoon Network would be doomed to comic book limbo-land. Not so, IDW Comics saw an opportunity and they ran with it, thus the birth of IDW’s Cartoon Network of Comics. Revealed at the at the 2013 ComicsPRO trade convention, IDW and Cartoon Network are collaborating to produce and release comics based on many of the network’s popular and iconic classic characters.

When IDW Comics acquired the rights to the various Cartoon Network properties, they knew the possibilities were limitless; crossover’s having two or more popular cartoon characters teaming up in one book and Cartoon Network loved the idea. Setting off to find the right writer, the brilliant Louise Simonson came to mind. They ran the idea over to Louise, she loved the idea, diving in as soon as possible picking her characters, and as they say, the rest is history.

IDW Comics for kids are among some of the funniest comic books available today in comic book shops. IDW Comics has taken the best cartoons from the Cartoon Network and transformed them into all-new comic book stories and adventures. IDW Comics wanted to give fans a double dose of everyone’s favorite cartoons with brand-new adventures, offering tons of fun in comic book format.

The first book published by Louise Simone and IDW Cartoon Network of Comics was the hit comic Cartoon Network: Super Secret Crisis War. Super Secret Crisis War was a six-issue min-series that brought together the heroes and villains of Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, Samurai Jack, Dexter's Laboratory and Ed, Edd and Eddy. The demon Aku called together a League of Extraordinary Villains, composed of malevolent miscreants from different cartoon universes. When their evil robots show up in the Cartoon Network’s world, it is up to all of our fearless heroes to band together and put an end to the League's plot of inter-dimensional conquest.

One of the most popular fads to hit the world, Angry Birds that started out as an app on cell phones was transformed from the app, to television on the Cartoon Network, then into a hilarious, all-ages’ comic book from comic book publisher IDW. IDW comics starting publishing Angry Birds after its popular television show debut and the comic book was a huge hit, often selling-out monthly.

Cartoon Networks extremely popular Samurai Jack is another example of a popular all-ages television show that made the jump to the comic book world. Samurai Jack’s comic book also sells as quickly as they are published and released.

Fans of the Cartoon Network and IDW Comics can find the latest and best comic books available today. White Dragon Comics offers fans a large section of kids’ comic books, take your time and browse our site for the best in comic books.

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