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Shoppers will find quite a few underhanded conniving comic book stories from Titan Comics, under their Criminal Activity page. Detective’s, federal investigators and P.I.’s take front stage in these scheming stories and the criminal’s have no place to hide! Readers looking for a different type of adventure will be overjoyed with Titan’s Criminal Activity stories and shoppers will be pleased with our excellent service!

Crime comics began in 1942 with the publication of Crime Does Not Pay, which was published by Lev Gleason Publications. But, these comics did not last long, due to the violent nature often depicted in the stories. In the 40’s and 50’s comic books were dissected after the formation of the Comics Magazine Association of America and the imposition of the Comics Code Authority in 1954. This code placed limits on the degree and kind of criminal activity that could be depicted in comic books, effectively signaling the death toll for crime comics and their adult themes.

But, comics have a long way since then and comic books that encompass Criminal Activity are highly sought after by consumers nationwide. As a matter of fact, starting in the 1980’s, comic book writers have created interesting work’s in the crime comics genre, that often incorporate noir themes and novelistic storytelling into realistic crime dramas and even into superhero comics. Titan Comics publishes several of these cool comics about notorious Criminal Activity! And shoppers will find those comics in stock at White Dragon Comics.

Readers can enjoy comic titles like Peepland, Scarlett, Triggerman and several more from Titan Comics and the writers and colorful artists that imagine up these cool concepts. And, shoppers can purchase these felonious comic books right here at White Dragon Comics.

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