Red Hood and the Outlaws

Red Hood and the Outlaws Comic Books Follow the Adventures of Jason Todd, the Red Hood, and His Friends, Arsenal and Starfire. We Offer You a Nice Selection of Red Hood and the Outlaws Comic Books to Choose From in Our Online Comic Book Store.

Red Hood and the Outlaws comic book made its debut in 2011 as part of the New 52 Event from DC Comics. Red Hood and the Outlaws comic book is a Team title featuring Red Hood, Arsenal and Starfire.

Red Hood, aka Jason Todd became the second Robin, sidekick to Batman, when the first Robin, Dick Grayson, split from Batman and assumed the identity of Nightwing. As Robin, Jason Todd was strong-willed and fearless but bad at following orders, which eventually led to him being killed by the Joker in Batman: a Death in the Family comic book series. He was revived by the daughter of Ras’ Al Ghul and mother of Damien Wayne, Talia when she placed his body in one of her father’s Lazarus Pits. Resurrected with no memories, Jason was taken in by a league of assassins known as the All-Caste.

The story of how Jason regained his memories and gained his two closest friends and allies is what Red Hood and the Outlaws comic books are all about. White Dragon comics offers a good selection of Red Hood and the Outlaw comic books for sale in right here in our online comic book store. Join the Red Hood and his Outlaw companions as they strive to forge a bright future while struggling to keep ahead of their turbulent pasts.

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