The Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts - Supervillains working as a Team to save the World!

What’s a Marvel Comic Book Supervillain to do when he must reform his ways or make amends? Join the Thunderbolts of course! The Thunderbolts are a team of supervillains, that are either there for redemption or have bee forced by someone or something and that someone usually a superhero to adhere for their bad behavior. OMG! This makes for great reading! You need to check out these comic books today! Where? Online at White Dragon Comics of course, we are the number one comic book online web-store.

The Thunderbolts have had several different writers and superhero/villain leaders over the years, but when they made their first appearance it was the Masters of Evil in disguise who controlled the group. This surprised twist a well-kept secret within Marvel Comics was considered to be Marvel’s finest plot-twist in the history of American comics and with Wizard magazine fans voting it "Comics' Greatest Moment of 1997" (Wizard Magazine, 1997).

Thunderbolts comics seen its demise with issue #76, despite its critical claim the book was totally reformatted with an entire new cast and a new writer, John Arcudi. Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada was banking on this new format to match the success of his X-Force comics, but the new changes did not sit well with fans of Marvel’s Thunderbolts and the comic book only ran for six issues. You might find a few issues for sale here online at White Dragon Comics.

Marvel Comics launched the team again in 2004 in a limited series Avengers/Thunderbolts, which continued one year after the events of issue #75. In January 2005 Marvel Comics launched a second series featuring the characters from Avengers/Thunderbolts in a new comic, New Thunderbolts #1.
Thunderbolts #110 brought a new writer, Warren Ellis and changes once again, these changes included a new cast and politics. This change would lead the comic to Marvel Comics next big event, The Civil War with the team serving as a dark reflection of the event's controversial ending.

Issue #121 gave readers a new writer Christos Gage, who wrote three one-shots and a four-issue tie-in with Secret Invasion. Issue #126 started with another writer, Andie Diggle whom would take the comic book in a new direction with a new team line-up. Then in issue #138 new writer Jeff Parker again revamped the crew ensuring readers “it's going to synthesize a lot of what readers like about recent history and re-instill some elements from the early days of the book.”

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