Bongo Comics for Teens and Grown-Ups

Popular Entertainment Creator, Matt Groening, and His Company, Bongo Comics, Produce a Line Of Comic Books Aimed At Teens and Adults that Feature Well-Known Pop-Culture Icons. Here We Provide a Cross-Section of Great Bongo Comic Books for Your Consideration.

Straight from the mind of Matt Groening and Bongo Comics comes all new, insanely funny, slapstick humor just for teens and adults. Groening, in 1993 founded Bongo Comics out of a love for comical comics; his dream was that he could one day help to revitalize the comic book industry with cross-overs and special events.

Many of Bongo’s line of comic books are suited for fans of all ages. Bongo’s kid-friendly line of humorous comics like, The Simpsons and SpongeBob have become icons in the comic industry, sought after by people of all-ages. While, Matt was pleased with his ever-growing audience he wanted to create a category of comics aimed at teens and adults. This category would not be limited to any one type of genre, but several types, as long as the targeted audience was teens and adults.

Sergio Aragonés’ Funnies may be one of the funniest comics to come out of Bongo Comics, written by the man himself, Sergio Aragonés’ every issue is packed full of fun. Each issue offers an assortment of autobiographical anecdotes, perplexing puzzles, slaphappy short stories, as well as Sergio's unique and hilarious pantomimes and gags. With this new series, the world's most beloved cartoonist continues to prove that humor is truly a universal language.

Mylo Xyloto Comic Book was another great comic released by Bongo Comics, created, and written by Coldplay and Mark Osborne. Mylo Xyloto tells the story of the Coldplay album Mylo Xyloto. Mylo Xyloto quickly became a top-seller, often selling-out in comic book shops as fast as they came in.

Fans of humor with a twist or tales of a world fighting for sound and color, you’re sure to find it here, Bongo Comics for Teens and Grown-ups.

Sergio Aragone's Funnies #  1 (Bongo Comics 2011)Sergio Aragone's Funnies # 1 (Bongo Comics 2011)
Sergio Aragone's Funnies #  4 (Bongo Comics 2011)Sergio Aragone's Funnies # 4 (Bongo Comics 2011)
Sergio Aragone's Funnies #  5 (Bongo Comics 2011)Sergio Aragone's Funnies # 5 (Bongo Comics 2011)
Sergio Aragone's Funnies # 10 (Bongo Comics 2011)Sergio Aragone's Funnies # 10 (Bongo Comics 2011)
Simpsons Illustrated # 15 (Bongo Comics 2014)Simpsons Illustrated # 15 (Bongo Comics 2014)
Simpsons Illustrated # 20 (Bongo Comics 2015)Simpsons Illustrated # 20 (Bongo Comics 2015)
Simpsons Illustrated # 22 (Bongo Comics 2016)Simpsons Illustrated # 22 (Bongo Comics 2016)
Simpsons Illustrated # 24 (Bongo Comics 2016)Simpsons Illustrated # 24 (Bongo Comics 2016)
Simpsons Illustrated # 27 (Bongo Comics 2016)Simpsons Illustrated # 27 (Bongo Comics 2016)
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