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Beginning with the Long Awaited Return of Nightcrawler, Amazing X-Men Launched to an Eager Audience in November Of 2013. Here You Will Find Many Key Issues from this Fan-Favorite Series Available For Purchase from Our Online Comic Book Store. 

Amazing X-Men is the name of an ongoing series that began in November 2013 in the aftermath of Battle of the Atom and was initially written by Jason Aaron with art by Ed McGuinness, featuring a lineup of long-time X-Men characters, and a couple of newcomers as well, led by Wolverine. The first story arc features the much anticipated return of Nightcrawler.
The first mission that this team embarked on was a continuation of a storyline began in Wolverine and the X-Men and involved a the X-Men searching for deceased member, Nightcrawler - who had been dead since the 2010 story line, X-Men: Second Coming - in the afterlife.
Amazing X-Men then became the main title that featured Wolverine's X-Men team, replacing Astonishing X-Men, written by Marjorie Liu, which had ended a month earlier.
The first issue of Amazing X-Men also features newcomer Firestar in her first appearance as a member of the X-Men. Her character was originally introduced to the Marvel Comics Universe in Uncanny X-Men #193, as a member of the X-Men's rival team, the Hellions.
Starting with issue #8 of Amazing X-Men, Jason Aaron was replaced by former New X-Men and X-Force writers Craig Kyle and Chris Yost as series writer. Also in issue #8 the popular Colossus rejoined the X-Men after being last seen as part of Cable’s team in Cable and X-Force.
Although initially well received, Amazing X-Men’s audience did not stay consistent enough to keep the book alive and the series ended with issue #19.

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