Amazing X-Men

Amazing X-Men: Action, Adventure and Exotic New Worlds!

The Amazing X-Men will blow your mind! Action, Adventure, and New Worlds! This is the comic book you should be reading and you can find these books for sale at White Dragon Comics.

Amazing X-Men began their career in an ongoing series that began in November 2013 featuring a lineup of long-time X-Men characters. Plus some newcomers as well which are going to be led by Wolverine. The first story arc features the highly anticipated return of Nightcrawler.

The first issue of Amazing X-Men also featured newcomer Firestar! She was originally introduced in Uncanny X-Men #193, as a member of the X-Men's rival team, the Hellions.

Amazing X-Men ran for nineteen exciting issues and you buy some of these comic books online at White Dragon Comics.

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