Mystery, Horror and Adventure

Zenescope Comics Offers Fans The Best in Comic Book Horror, Mystery and Adventure. These Comic Books have the Best in Stories filled with Terrifying Mysterious Stories that will leave your Heart Thumping and Your Eyes Looking Over your Shoulder, because You Know Something Wicked This Way Comes.

Zenescope comic books have taken fans on a wild ride through all of our favorite fairy tales and now they take it a step further with mystery, horror and adventure comic books. Zenescope comic book writers have produced a number of comics in the horror genre, but some of the best stories, often overlooked are in the mystery and adventure tales from the popular publishers writers.

Barmaid comic book written by Clayburn Moore and Joe Brusha follows the adventures of heroine, Cassidy O'Hara as she leads a dual life in the mountains and forests of Manchuria. This part time guerilla, part time saloon girl, is about to be pulled into a plot that will affect the outcome of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and the very outcome of World War II.

Aliens vs Zombies comic book written by Ralph Tedesco and Joe Brusha brings aliens, humans and Zombies together in one horrific comic book story. A meteor carrying the Zombie virus hits Earth it triggers the potential end of mankind. The last chance for humanity is the spacecraft full of Alien scientists tasked with tracking the interstellar virus.

Hit List is an action packed comic book that brings fans a brand new Thriller Series. Written by Ralph Tedesco, this comic book ask the question are we ever truly safe from evil? And, what if you had the means to play God, and choose who lives and dies? Fans will have to pick up a copy of Hit List to find the answer to these questions and many more.

No matter what comic catches your eye Barmaid, Aliens vs, Zombies, Hit List, Grimm Tales of Terror and many more that are offered by Zenescope comics, White Dragon Comics has it. We are proud to sell Zenescope comics and hope that you will enjoy them as much as we do.
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