Pulp Heroes In Comic Books

Pulp Heroes are the Forerunners of the Modern Comic Book Hero. Now They Are Appearing in Brand New Stories, Between the Pages of the Very Comic Books They Inspired. We Offer a Wide Selection of the Best Pulp Hero Comic Books for Sale On Line.

Pulp heroes are heroes that were created for the pulp fiction market. Pulp fiction books - and later comic books - were called pulps because of the paper they were printed on, which consisted of recycled paper and old rags. Pulp fiction publications proliferated in the nineteen-thirties and nineteen-forties to the point where they blanketed newsstands in just about every popular fiction genre of the time. The pulp fiction era provided a breeding ground for creative talent, which would influence all forms of entertainment for decades to come. The hardboiled detective and science fiction genres were created by the freedom that the pulp fiction magazines provided.  World War II brought paper rationing and increased paper prices, and with the real horrors of the war going on, the once popular magazines began to lose readership and disappeared from the newsstand, one-by-one, and began being replaced by paperbacks and comic books. This legacy of entertaining stories, and pulp fiction lead to the evolution of popular fiction heroes of today.

When it comes to the popularity of comic books some are more popular than others, and while everyone has their favorite genre, all agree that Pulp Heroes in Comic Books are the best! Pulp Heroes provide fans with a never-ending supply of over-the-top-Action, from Flashy Characters.
Pulps became the successor to the penny dreadfuls, dime novels, and short fiction magazines of the 19th century. Although many respected writers wrote for pulps, the magazines are best remembered for their lurid and exploitative stories and sensational cover art. Modern superhero comic books are sometimes considered descendants of "hero pulps"; pulp magazines often featured illustrated novel-length stories of heroic characters, such as The Shadow, Doc Savage and The Phantom Detective.

Although the pages of pulp hero comic books in-between the covers were a dingy cheap quality, the covers were decorated with lurid portraits of pretty women in various stages of distress, and the handsome men attempting to rescue them. This coupled with the low price of pulp hero comic books and magazines, led to the success of the medium. Pulp hero comic books allowed their readers to experience people, places, and adventures they normally would not have access to. These bigger-than-life heroes, pretty girls, exotic places, strange and mysterious villains all stalked the pages of the pulp hero comic books and without television widely available, much of the free time of the working literate class was spent pouring through the pages of the pulps and pulp hero comic books.
Because pulp publishers were able to charge inexpensive prices for a single issue, which contained many stories, they drew in young adults and teenagers, who were not able to afford the pricier magazines of the day.

In recent years, a number of comic book publishers have been busy reviving and revising those pulp heroes of old. Those stalwart men and their femme fatales are finding new life in modern comic books. Their popularity continues to grow finding new fans among younger comic book readers. Their flamboyant style and inflated confidence seems to connect with comic book fans at their gut level. Whatever the draw, there is no denying that Pulp Heroes are a permanent part of the comic book landscape.

White Dragon Comics believes in honoring these roots of modern day comic books and comic book heroes. That’s why we offer such an extensive collection of Pulp Hero comic books for sale in our on line comic book store. Take a trip back to a time when the men were Men and the women loved them for it, with some pulp hero comic books today.

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