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Whte Dagon Comics is Proud to Offer Avengers World Comic Books, Avengers World Spun From the Events in Marvel's Infinity Story Line. Avengers World Comics Are A Who's Who of Characters in the Avenger World. They Were Considered the Worlds Greatest Heroes That Came together to Form One of the Finest Superhero Teams, That Were Thought of as Unbeatable. Fans Can Find Many Issues of Avengers World Comics Here at White Dragon Comics, Your Number One On-Line Retailor for Comic Books For Sale.

Avengers World is a Comic Book storyline that was published by Marvel Comics from January 2014 until July 2015. Avengers World was a part of Marvel Comics' All-New Marvel Now initiative and was spun out of events from Marvels Infinity event.

Avenger World comics consist of the worlds greatest heroes coming together and forming one of the finest superhero teams, that were thought of as unbeatable. Writers Jonathan Hickman and Nick Spencer break the Avengers up into smaller squads, allowing The Avengers to cover the world, but the world does not construct the Avengers. In this regard, Avengers World is a bit of a misnomer, but taken in the context of their declarations in Infinity The Avengers' efforts across the world make perfect sense.

By breaking the team into smaller squads, Hickman and Spencer are able to provide key moments for almost every character, each of whom get at least one line of dialog. All the same, certain members have brighter spotlights turned in their direction, such as Starbrand in Italy and Banner on the Helicarrier. Spread everywhere, with threats ranging from giant monsters to riots fueled by the Hand, Hickman and Spencer give the Avengers a nice challenge without any aliens or space travel. While it may not be directly connected, there is a rejuvenated sense of adventure and fun in Avengers World.

Writers for the comic book, Avengers World promise fans there will be a spotlight on many of the newly introduced characters that were previously overshadowed by all the cosmic derring-do in staving off the Builders. The book still stars Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye and other familiar Avengers, but it'll be a place where fans also can get to know such characters as the female Smasher, the teen hero Starbrand, the enigmatic Captain Universe and super-powerful Hyperion.

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