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Comic Books have been with us for nearly a century. And, comic book shoppers have doubled, even tripled in some areas. It may because over the decade’s comic books have continued to evolve with more colors, better paper, more complex plots and stronger characters, along with a wide variety of artistic styles. Comic book Publishers, Writers and Artists have helped propel comic books from a kind of cheap, throw-away entertainment, to a cultural art form collected and preserved by the millions.

Not only has the number of comics published steadily increased over the past couple of decades, but there has been an expansion in the number and types of genres available, contributing to the outpouring of comics... pulling in new comic book shoppers. Some types of comic books genres like crime, westerns and sci-fi have always been with us, but for many years were overshadowed by superheroes. The 1980’s saw an explosion in the comic book industry with dozens of new publishers going the fray and battling the “Big Two” for shelf space in fledgling specialty stores, the first “comic shops.”  A plethora of new writers brought a slew of new ideas, many reenergizing forgotten genre’s and others creating entirely new genres right out of their imaginations.

Comic book collecting has become a major hobby the world over, and thousands of new comic books are published every month with new genre’s popping up as well. White Dragon Comics is proud to offer one of the largest inventories of comic books for sale on the internet. The internet is loaded with sites devoted to the reading and collecting of comic books and each site offers fans information about comics; White Dragon Comics brings customers the best of two worlds, we offer both information and comics for sale… in fact our website is broken down into numerous categories, making it easier to find the comics you are searching for.

Shoppers and information seekers can both find what they are looking for under our categories for publishers, characters and genres plus many more. If your looking to buy humorous comics, western comic books, kid’s comic books or scary horror comics, not only do we carry and sell these comics... we have broken down the different types of comic books into easy to navigate categories making your search for the comic book you have been trying to find and purchase much easier.

White Dragons Comics encourages shoppers to take their time and browse each category. You never know what treasure you might find. And, rest assured when buying your new comic book with us, you willl recieve prompt service, friendly service and low shipping rates... Buy your Comic Books Today!

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