In the Spotlight This Month

In the Spotlight This Month

Batman Three Jokers # 1 (Black Label Comics 2020)Batman Three Jokers #  1 (Black Label Comics 2020)
Batman Three Jokers # 1 (Black Label Comics 2020)Batman Three Jokers #  1 (Black Label Comics 2020)
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Image Comics is one of the top publishers of creator-owned comics and has mainly focused on comic books with a t-rating or t+-rating, that is until now! Image Comics and their writers take on comic books for fans of all-ages, this includes children from toddler to teens.

After twenty plus years Image comics realized that there are fans of comic books that are not being catered to, like young children and middle aged adolescents and they decided to something about it! Many of the creator owned comic book writers did not know much about writing all-ages books, but that did not stop them! Writer Joe Kelly for instance said that he had to learn a lot about the genre and the way it's published to get his all-ages comic books off the ground stating, all the work is worth it.

When it comes to comics for young children and middle age adolescents, writers agree the material should not be dumbed down, and to get the point across use your tone details in creative ways. Image comic books for kids are written in a way that allows parents and children to interact together reading the book.

Image is doing a service to the comic book market. By offering up all-ages books, the publisher is helping readers discover indie comic books at a younger age, in hopes that will help develop more readers who go for more than television and video games!

Parents looking for all-ages books have come to the right place, White Dragon Comics has the latest comic books released from Image Comics for Kids. Take your time and look over all of the cool titles available today!

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