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Monsters are Scary Enough, but the Worst is when a Human is Transformed into a Monster!

Monsters are scary enough, but the worst is when a human is transformed into a sinister, evil hunt you down monster... ugh... the absolute worst! But, they make for an awesome comic. And, readers will find the largest selection of Human Monster Comic Books here at White Dragon Comics.
So, what exactly is a Human Monster… Frankenstein is a great example, this monster was a human at one time died and was resting peacefully until a mad scientist dug up his poor body and forced it back to life! Unfortunately, things go awry, and we have monster on our hands. Terrible for the townspeople, but great reading material for lovers of Human Monster Comic Books.

Man-Bat from DC Comics is another thriller that will get your blood pumping! Poor Dr. Kirk Langstrom, a true Human Monster turned into a real creature of the night after an experiment had gone horribly wrong. Now as the ungodly Man-Bat, Langstrom straddles the line between good and evil, but he mostly does whatever he wants.
Marvel Comics the Man-Thing a swampy, dark mess of a beast. Dripping with swamp waters and foliage, this monster is a soulless ghoul capable of sensing human emotions and burning those who do wrong with his supernatural touch. Marvel has tried to turn Man-Thing into a hero over the years, but we think he’s best as an out-and-out monster.

Zombies and Werewolf’s also fall under Human Monster Comic Books as well, after-all these nasty monsters were human once too! This genre in “comics” especially, can take human’s no matter size, age or gender and turn them into some of the most gruesome, hateful characters and boy do we love to read about them!

Readers looking for Human Monster comic books will find the best section with some of the lowest shipping rates offered on comic books! We encourage readers to take their time and look over all of the Horror Comics offered, you never know what gem you might find!

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