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September is Zero Month at DC Comics!
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The DC Universe is need a of clean-up and it’s the superheroes of The DC Universe that will accomplish this task in Zero Month. DC Comics Zero Month is a place for fans to see and experience along with their favorite superhero their beginnings, their status quo and any changes that may be happening.

For instance, Zero Month can take Superman’s fans back to the beginning years, where one could learn how his home planet (Krypton) was destroyed and fans can also discover Clark Kent’s early years, his high school, dealings with his parents and even his first girlfriends.

Writers promise that in each Zero Month comic book fans will see the moment that makes the character, who he is, that dictates to him why he acts the way he does. There is no more important time then when he or she decides if they are going to continue to act that way and keep doing the things they have been.

Zero Month comic books promise Batman readers, who have been lifetime readers and those that think they know everything about the character are in store for some cool surprises! The Batman Zero comic issue’s plan a few surprises for bat-fans, that they never knew! Writers have stated that that were one or two things they never told fans, until now!

Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Flash and many more superheroes are taken in new directions. Writers promise that the Zero Month comic book issues strip-down heroes and begin rebuilding them, making for great jump-on opportunities!

The initiative of Zero Month comic books intended to tell new origin stories of the starring characters or fill in gaps that were left in the five year gap between the emergence of super-heroes in the current universe, and present day. Zero Month comic books also plan on introducing and bring back several new characters in the DC Universe. Impulse, Amethyst and Simon Baz, an Arab-American Green Lantern.

Fans looking for Zero Month comic books can find several issues for sale here at White Dragon Comics.

Animal Man #  0 (DC Comics 2012)Animal Man # 0 (DC Comics 2012)
Blue Beetle (2012) #  0 (DC Comics 2012)Blue Beetle (2012) # 0 (DC Comics 2012)
DC Universe Presents #  0 (DC Comics 2012)DC Universe Presents # 0 (DC Comics 2012)
Dial H #  0 (DC Comics 2012)Dial H # 0 (DC Comics 2012)
Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #  0 (DC Comics 2012)Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. # 0 (DC Comics 2012)
G.I. Combat #  0 (DC Comics 2012)G.I. Combat # 0 (DC Comics 2012)
Green Lantern New Guardians #  0 (DC Comics 2012)Green Lantern New Guardians # 0 (DC Comics 2012)
Grifter #  0 (DC Comics 2012)Grifter # 0 (DC Comics 2012)
Legion Lost #  0 (DC Comics 2012)Legion Lost # 0 (DC Comics 2012)
Ravagers #  0 (DC Comics 2012)Ravagers # 0 (DC Comics 2012)
Resurrection Man #  0 (DC Comics 2012)Resurrection Man # 0 (DC Comics 2012)
Stormwatch #  0 (DC Comics 2012)Stormwatch # 0 (DC Comics 2012)
Superboy #  0 (DC Comics 2012)Superboy # 0 (DC Comics 2012)
Supergirl # 0 (DC Comics 2012)Supergirl # 0 (DC Comics 2012)
Superman N52 #  0 (DC Comics 2012)Superman N52 # 0 (DC Comics 2012)
Sword of Sorcery #  0 (DC Comics 2012)Sword of Sorcery # 0 (DC Comics 2012)
Team 7 #  0 (DC Comics 2012)Team 7 # 0 (DC Comics 2012)
Worlds Finest #  0 (DC Comics 2012)Worlds Finest # 0 (DC Comics 2012)
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