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Image Comics offers Comic Book Fans a large selection of the Best Anthologies available for purchase today. From CBLDF, which is written for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund to Island which transports readers to new lands and new experiences.

Anthologies are a group of published works grouped together and available in one book.  An anthology consists of writings by various writers with a common interest or they can be a variety of short stories by one author grouped together. The stories can be in the same literary form, of the same period, or on the same subject. Anthologies can also be a blend of different authors following a central theme or genre, and some of the best anthologies written today come from comic book publisher Image Comics.

Image Comics has been publishing cool anthology comic books sine their formation in1992. Image started publishing anthologies for a number of reasons, the main reason of course was customer demand, but also Image was hoping to give readers a change by offering them a new experience, an anthology which provides them with a substantial and varied comics experience, harnessing the excitement around the quality of comics being produced today. Readers can pick up issues in which their favorites are featured, or for the intended purpose of anthologies, to introduce new and interesting work’s operating in similar creative ballparks.

One of the most popular anthologies coming out of Image Comics is Island, a new ongoing comic’s magazine curated by Brandon Graham and Emma Ríos featuring talent from across the globe. Each issue of Island has several stories with different writers and artist for each story. The storytelling styles are all over the place in Island, but that’s a big part of the appeal. Each individual work represents the unique perspective of its creator, and they all come together under one cover to make this anthology a celebration of the different ways art can be used for personal expression.

Another great comic book anthology coming out of Image Comics was Creator Owned Heroes.  Creator Owned Heroes features 22 pages of comics split into 2 ongoing strips that span over 2-4 issues and 18 pages of magazine format material including interviews with and background information about the creators and artists of comic book anthology, as well as articles about the creative process behind the stories and writing comics in general, and much more.
Another really cool title coming out of Image Comics anthology section is CBLDF Liberty Annual.  This special anthology comic book is written for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, with all proceeds going towards benefiting the CBLDF.  The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) is an American non-profit organization formed in 1986 to protect the First Amendment rights of comic’s creators, publishers, and retailers covering legal expenses. This anthology is published yearly and includes several stories by many writers and artist.

White Dragon Comics is proud to offer the latest and coolest anthology comic books from Image Comics for sale on-line. When fans are looking for a comic book that offers a variety of insights and stories with a lot of fun, then this is the must have comic book for comic book fans everywhere.

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