Anthology Horror Comics

Anthology Horror Comic Books Give Readers More Bang for their Buck! Readers Get Twice the Chills with Anthology Horror Comic Books!

Horror comic books are pretty cool comics, but Anthology Horror Comic Books are the Bomb! Each comic book supplies readers with two or three terrifying stories that will leave them breathless! Horror comics have a way of capturing readers and keeping their attention till the bone-chilling end.

While comic book stories of horror blow thee readers mind, Anthologies can be better, offering comic readers two or three different stories, which may or may not be related to each other. Some of the coolest comics written in the horror genre come from Zenescope Comics. Zenescope, based in Pennsylvania releases several horror comics every month and while they are all petrifying it’s the Anthologies that are the most fun among horror comics to read. Grimm Tales of Terror from Zenescope is one of those great Anthology comics that are being written today!

Grimm Tales of Terror is one of Zenescope’s best-selling horror and each comic book offers readers a couple of evil stories, but what’s cool about Tales of Terror is almost all their unique narratives are a “be careful of what you wish for… you may get it” shocking ending comic book!

Cinema Purgatorio from Avatar Comics is another ghastly Anthology Horror Comic Book and it’s a fabulously hideous comic that will have readers jumping out of their seats! Cinema Purgatorio from horror genius Alan Moore transports readers down memory lane, introducing them to the creepiest theaters the mind can conjurer! This Anthology Horror Comic brings together some of the biggest names in horror comic writing alongside Moore to present readers with twisted tales, like no other!

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