Uncanny X-Force Comic Books

Uncanny X-Force Comic Books were Published Marvel Comics and had a Two Year Run. Uncanny X-Force Stars Psylocke, Fantomex, Deadpool and many more Great X-Men Characters.

Uncanny X-Force published by Marvel Comics and created by Rick Remender began right after X-Force in October 2010. Uncanny X-Force comic books were written to replace X-Force comic books after Cyclops shut down the X-Force and their members, due to the existence of the team having been previously exposed and now operates without him knowing. Uncanny comic books ran for two volumes.

Uncanny X-Force, volume one comic books featured new team members Psylocke, Fantomex, and Deadpool. Writer Remender picked this squad because they have a common thread,they have all made hard compromise in the past, and they have all taken life. Uncanny X-Force, volume one ran for two years and a total of 35 issues, ending in 2012.

Volume Two of Uncanny X-Force comic books was a relaunch of the comic book and it also had a new writer, Sam Humphries. Uncanny X-Force volume two features Psylocke, who led the team with an initial roster of of Storm, Puck, Cluster and Spiral. Volume two of Uncanny X-Force ran for a total of seventeen issues, and ended in 2014.

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