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Weekly Comic Book Series are One of the Latest Trends Among Comic Book Publishers. Weekly Comic Book Series Enable Comic Book Fans to Follow a Storyline Without Having to Wait an Entire Month for the Next Issue. Image Comics Publishes some of the Best Weekly Comic Book Series on Comic Shop Shelves Today and We Have for You Here a Wide Selection of Image Comics’ Weekly Comic Book Series.

With weekly comic book series becoming more popular, it was just a matter of time before all the comic book publishers started their own weekly series. Image Comics is one of the big five comic book publishers to jump on the weekly series bandwagon.

Image Comics has tasted success and in doing so they are always looking for new ways to satisfy their fans and keep that success going. Offering a sampling of all genres from horror to superhero comics it was only natural for Image Comics to start a weekly series of comic books, following in the steps of DC Comics and Marvel Comics, Image Comics set out to find the best writers and artist to start their own weekly series.

The best part of a weekly series is not having to wait a whole month, sometimes even longer to get the next chapter of an on-going series. With the weekly series, fan do not need to go back and refresh their memories, the memories are still there, eagerly waiting for the rest of the adventure to continue. With monthly issues some key points may slip the mind, especially comic book series that are skipped for one month (many writers are doing so many comic books at once, they become bogged down and fall behind) and come out a month later, after two months fans will most definitely need to reread the preceding issue.

One of the first comic book weekly series released by Image Comics a classic slasher/horror story, Cutter starts out with a slash, a gruesome bloody kill. This black and white comic is Image Comics first hit, being released on a weekly basis. Perhaps the coolest aspect of Cutter is the fact that it’s a 4-issue weekly miniseries that runs throughout October. A horror comic just for October, you say? That’s the kind of candy I like. Perhaps the coolest aspect of Cutter is the fact that it’s a 4-issue weekly miniseries that runs throughout October. A horror comic just for October, that’s the kind of candy I like.

Genius # 1 is the next big hit from Image Comics, written weekly, Genius is a harrowing, action-packed tale of a city that declares war on a brilliant young woman pushed to the edge. Shotgun Wedding, Images classic revenge story, told in a four issue mini-series, and released weekly.

If you’re a fan of short-based stories that require no waiting a whole month, then this is the page for you. Some of the best comic book stories coming out today are weekly series comics. White Dragon Comics takes the searching away, you can find all of the latest weekly series from Image Comics here, on one page.

Genius #  1 (Image Comics 2014)Genius # 1 (Image Comics 2014)
Genius #  2 (Image Comics 2014)Genius # 2 (Image Comics 2014)
Genius #  3 (Image Comics 2014)Genius # 3 (Image Comics 2014)
Genius #  4 (Image Comics 2014)Genius # 4 (Image Comics 2014)
Genius #  5 (Image Comics, 2014)Genius # 5 (Image Comics, 2014)
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