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Werewolf Comics offer insights and ghoulish stories starring all types of Gnarly Werewolves'!

There are poor souls walking around cursed some by an old hag or magical being, but most the traditional way… bitten by another cursed soul adding to the ever-growing population of Werewolves! Werewolf Comics offer insights and ghoulish stories starring many different types of werewolves, well not such much a type, but different interpretations which make’s each comic book unique.

Werewolf Comics continue to memorize readers and publishers have taken notice supplying fans with several ongoing comics that have had their favorite superhero turning into a werewolf or in a cool knock-down-drag-him-out fight with a werewolf and then there are comics starring werewolves as the main character with the story revolving around their life.

IDW Comics wowed readers with “Fistful of Blood” this min-series pitted werewolves against vampires; inspired by the movie “Fistful of Dollars” the wolves and vampires took the place of the Hatfields and McCoy’s! In Dark Horse’s Kiss Me, Satan werewolves rule the roost… as the head of a mafia ring, these werewolves are always on the hunt.

Image Comics Moonshine is a werewolf comic that is a huge hit among readers, written by Brian Azzarello, Moonshine tells the tale of a slick New York City mobster sent to the backwaters of West Virginia to find a legendary moonshiner and negotiate a deal to bring his sweet brew up north. What the city slicker finds turns out to be more than he bargained for and when the full moon rises, things get bloody.

And over at Albatross Comics fans can read about a man discovering he is a werewolf… in the middle of Vietnam; And Vietnam is a hell of a place to find out you're a werewolf. Not to be out down, 451 Media Group gives comic book readers a werewolf biker gang in Bad Moon Rising… “When the moon and the gas tanks are full, the werewolves on wheels are ready to rock 'n roll.”

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