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Rebirth Superhero Team Comic Books

One Superhero is Great, but Two or More… well that’s Awesome! Rebirth Superhero Teams Showcases Superheroes that Star in Comic Books as a Team. Fans will Ftnd the Latest Team Comic Books here at White Dragon Comics!

One superhero is great, but two or more… well that’s Awesome! Rebirth Superhero Teams showcases superheroes that star in comic books as a team. Justice League, JLA, Red Hood and The Outlaws and Batgirl and The Birds of Prey are some of the coolest team-ups you’ll find here at, Rebirth Superhero Teams.

The most famous team-up to grace the pages of comic books would be The Justice League. The Justice League got its start in 1960 and starred seven of the most fearsome superheroes; Superman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Batman, and Wonder Woman. These original superheroes would leave the Justice League team for solo missions, personal reasons or they were just needed elsewhere, but when the League needed them they were there! The Justice League has had other superheroes join and leave over the years but has always remained a force to be reckoned with!

The JLA, Justice League of America is our next popular team-up in Rebirth Superhero Teams category at White Dragon Comics. The JLA is just one of the many incarnations of the Justice League. Recently the Justice League faced its greatest challenge, in the Arena of Public Opinion, as told in the Justice Lost Storyline.

Red Hood and The Outlaw comic books are one of the most interesting team-ups in the Rebirth Superhero Teams category.  Red Hood aka Jason Todd, a former protégé of Batman that turned villain was killed, resurrected and formed a small team with two of his fellow anti-heroes and set out on a quest to seek redemption for his past crimes! Fans of Red Hood comic books will find many new and back issues of the comic for sale in the Rebirth Superhero Teams page.

Girl-Power super team-up Bat Girl and the Birds of Prey not only rock the DC Universe but will rock your world as well! Batgirl, Black Canary and Huntress round out this super-cool super team! Also joining the team on a part-time basis Poison Ivy and Catwoman make this comic a comic book readers dream come thru!

Rebirth Superhero Teams comic books make for some of the best reading material in the Rebirth saga, and fans can find several new cool comics from the Rebirth era here at White Dragon Comics.

As always, we encourage you to check out all of our super-cool comics offered for sale at White Dragon Comics…. You Never Know What Ya Might Find!

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