Humorous Comic Books

Here Is a Collection of Hilarious Comic Books. Some Are a Littled Twisted. But All Are Guaranteed to Make You Laugh Out Loud!

Everybody enjoys a good laugh. Humor is an integral part of our society. We even have a TV network completely devoted to Comedy. Humor can be used in a variety of ways for any number of reasons. Most public speakers like to open with a couple of jokes, not only to put their audience at ease, but because they understand that sharing a laugh is a form of social bonding that unites us all.

Of course it is only natural that Comedy goes hand in hand with another major part of our culture: Comic Books. That’s right. The very first Comic Book that was ever published 
– Famous Funnies –  was actually a collection of humorous comic strips taken from the Sunday papers. Many different genres of comic books have arisen since then, but funny comic books have remained a staple of the comic book racks. All of the major publishers have a line of humorous comic book titles to offer you, and some smaller companies are entirely devoted to producing funny comics.

There is a wide range of humorous comic books to choose from. There are social and political satire comics, there are comics filled with wry, subtle hilarity and there are plenty of comic books that use over the top absurdity. There are comic books that feature slapstick-style, physical humor. There are comic books that parody Movies and TV Shows, and there are even comic books that parody other comic books. Whatever your tastes in Humor and Comedy, there is a funny comic book suited to you.

Here at White Dragon Comics, our aim is to lighten up your world with laughter. Whether you’re a chuckler, or a belly-laugher, we have oodles of hilarious comic books for you to choose from, some at discounted prices. Our prompt, friendly service is sure to put a grin on your face and our low shipping rates will keep you smiling. So order up a load of laughs and get some funny comic books today.

Because we have such a large selection of humorous comic books, we have divided them into the two categories shown below.

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