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Space Goat Publishing is the industry’s newest premier talent management agency and production studio, that has resulted in an awesome comic book publishing! Space Goat Publishing Brings Back Pop-Culture Cult Favorites Transforming them into Cool Comics! Get the Latest from Space Goat Right Here!

Space Goat Productions was founded in 2006 by Veteran comic book creator Shon C. Bury. Space Goat got its start by combing international studios and independent artists in order to create the industry’s newest premier talent management agency and production studio, resulting in awesome comic book publishing!

Founder Bury got his start in the comic book world at the age of 22 writing epic comics like Superman Adventures and Micronauts. Shon has also written for several of the big publishing companies besides Marvel. Career highlights include writing for DC Comics, Wildstorm and Acclaim.

Shon Bury is joined by long time comic book greats Dave Olbrich, Tom Mason, Dave Land and Taylor Smith.  Olbrich, Mason and Land have worked in the comic book industry for years, while Taylor Smith has only had three years in the industry, but has proved his self to be an extremely capable and thorough individual!

Current comic books being published by Space Goat Productions include cult-favorite Ashley James “Williams” aka “Ash” star of the Evil Dead comic book series. And coming soon an all-new mini-series The Howling. The Howling is a new horror comic book based off the popular cult-flick of the same name and will be published as a four-part mini-series.

While Space Goat Productions have not released many comic book, what they have released is awesome reading material. Space Goat has several new comic books in the works and will be releasing many new titles in 2017.

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