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Blue Juice Comics Publishers Award Winning Comic Books that offer Fans A Wide Variety of Genres and Comic Books to Choose From. Fans can find Comic Books For Readers of All-Ages Right Here, from Blue Juice Comics and White Dragon Comics, Your Number One Location To Find the Best Comic Books for Sale On Line.

Blue Juice Comics got its start from its sister company Blue Juice Film, Inc. when writers Thomas Mumme and Jeremy Schneider were working together on AMC’s Comic Book Men with writer R.F.I. Porto. An idea hit Mumme, try using comic books as a proof of concept for feature film proposals. Blue Juice Films reviewed some of Porto's unsold screenplay ideas, selecting the science fiction genre as its first idea, leading to The Accelerators being publish as a comic book.

Blue Juice Comics first comic book release, The Accelerators comic book released in May of 2013. The Accelerators comic book is one of the best examples of Indie comics! Accelerators (available in Trade Paperback form) takes sci-fi by the nose and twists it with action and adventure that keeps the reader entertained throughout the whole comic book story! Accelerators put Blue Juice Comics on the charts and accelerated Blue Juices standing in the comic book world.

Blue Juice Comics next comic book was published in 2014 and was written and drawn by Accelerators colorist Tim Yates. Anne Bonnie #1 is a young girl who longs to be a pirate…. join her in her quest full of fun, adventure, high jinx on the seas and story fans will never forget!

Blue Juice Comics’ Anne Bonnie was followed with the popular steampunk favorite Aether & Empire comic book. This comic book would take fans on a strange trip to Mars in 1879?!  Fans were instantly enthralled, each panel burst off the pages of this comic book and every panel was action packed; even without those without dialogue!

Blue Juice Comics publishes comic books from several different genres, fans of Blue Juice Comics can find many of their comic books for sale here at White Dragon Comics, your number one internet based store!

Aether and Empire #  1 (Blue Juice 2016)Aether and Empire # 1 (Blue Juice 2016)
Aether and Empire #  2 (Blue Juice 2016)Aether and Empire # 2 (Blue Juice 2016)
Aether and Empire #  3 (Blue Juice 2016)Aether and Empire # 3 (Blue Juice 2016)
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