Superman and His "Family"

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The one of the most iconic superhero's to hit comic books in the DC Universe is Superman, the Man of Steel. Superman is considered by many to be the first modern superhero. In a way the character of Superman has provided the template for all the superheroes that came after him. Superman first appeared in Action Comics #1, in 1938 and his legend has become the cornerstone of the DC Comics universe. You can buy Superman comic books online at White Dragon Comics.

Over the years Superman has grown into a cultural icon, a symbol for heroism and courage. Superman has starred in movies, televsion series and cartoon shows. And, since 1938 there has been a comic book featuring the Man of Steel published every month. At one point Superman starred in four monthly comic books from DC Comics:  Action Comics, Superman, Adventures of Superman, and The Man of Steel! You buy Superman comic books online at White Dragon!

Recently, as part of their “New 52” re-launch, Superman was featured in the new Action Comics, as well as the new Superman in the same month making Comic Book history! Superman has also teamed up with many of DC Comics other powerful super-heroes like the Justice League comic book. In addition, he has made regular appearances in DC Comic’s Supergirl and Superboy comic books, and a new comic titled Superman Unchained. Be sure to check back for these titles sold at White Dragon Comics.

You will find all of the latest DC Comics featuring Superman and his super-hero family, right here on our Superman page. We even have some issues from before the DC Comics New 52 re-launch at discounted prices.  Join the Man of Steel in his Never-Ending Battle for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. Take advantage of our prompt, friendly service and low shipping rates, and order some Superman comics today!

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