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Western drama has had a long history in the comic book world, since there arrival in the early 1920’s. Western comic books started in syndicated newspaper comic strips; and continued growing in popularity. The western genre became very popular after World War II, when comics readers found crime-busting superheroes in tights and trunks outdated. Adult comic book readers had grown during the war years, and returning service men wanted subjects other than superheroes in their books.

Western comic books, which generally depict the American Old West frontier, became a popular genre in the 1950s, many of the period's notable creators spent at least some time doing Western comic books. One of the most popular, The Lone Ranger, had an unprecedented 107 issue run, one of the longest runs of any writer/artist team on a comic book series.  The Lone Ranger was so popular that it made a huge return from Dynamite comics in 2012.

The late 1960’s and early 1970’s brought a new spin on western comic books; taking a darker, more cynical tone, with focus on the lawlessness of the time period, favoring realism over romanticism, and an interest in greater historical authenticity.

The 1990’s and 2000’s brought another boost to western comic books with the reintroduction of the popular Jonah Hex and Preacher. The introduction of these comics and a few others led western comic books in a new direction toward the Weird West sub-genre. Many of these comic books usually involved supernatural monsters or events, not usually associated with the Western Genre. Shoppers can purchase many of these Weird-West sub-genre along with original "Westerns" at White Dragon Comics.

White Dragon Comics strives to bring you the very best in western comic books. Whether you are a fan of realism, romanticism or weird-west genre’s White Dragon Comics is sure to have your western fix. Order your Western Themed Comic Book Online at White Dragon Comics! 

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Lone Ranger Volume 2 # 25 (Dynamite Comics 2014)Lone Ranger Volume 2 # 25 (Dynamite Comics 2014)
Manifest Destiny #  4 2nd printing (Image Comics 2014)Manifest Destiny # 4 2nd printing (Image Comics 2014)
Manifest Destiny #  5 (Image Comics 2014)Manifest Destiny # 5 (Image Comics 2014)
Manifest Destiny #  6 (Image Comics 2014)Manifest Destiny # 6 (Image Comics 2014)
Manifest Destiny #  8 (Image Comics 2014)Manifest Destiny # 8 (Image Comics 2014)
Manifest Destiny #  9 (Image Comics 2014)Manifest Destiny # 9 (Image Comics 2014)
Manifest Destiny # 10 (Image Comics 2014)Manifest Destiny # 10 (Image Comics 2014)
Manifest Destiny # 13 (Image Comics 2014)Manifest Destiny # 13 (Image Comics 2014)
Manifest Destiny # 14 (Image Comics 2014)Manifest Destiny # 14 (Image Comics 2014)
Pretty Deadly #  2 (Image Comics 2013)Pretty Deadly # 2 (Image Comics 2013)
Pretty Deadly #  3 (Image Comics 2013)Pretty Deadly # 3 (Image Comics 2013)
Pretty Deadly #  4 (Image Comics 2014)Pretty Deadly # 4 (Image Comics 2014)
Pretty Deadly #  5 (Image Comics 2014)Pretty Deadly # 5 (Image Comics 2014)
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