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Legendary Comics, a Popular Branch off of the Popular Film and Television Icon, Legendary Entertainment brings Fans All-New Comics! Many of these Comics are Based off Movies from the Big Screen and Fans Can Find the Latest Here at White Dragon Comics!

Legendary Comics, formed in 2010 is a branch off of the popular film and television icon Legendary Entertainment.  Legendary Comics is run under the direction of Editor-in-chief, Bob Scheck. Scheck has had an extensive career in comics, writing and editing for all of the major comic book publishers, as well as some of the smaller comic book companies.

Legendary Comics, which formed to expand their popular and well-established fandom demographic, also strive to bring a new home for groundbreaking artists and the characters and the stories they create, in an art form fans love, comic books. Scheck and Legendary have set a goal of publishing four to six original graphic novels a year along with original comic book single issues.

Fans of many Legendary movies will enjoy their comic books as well, if you’re a fan of Interstellar, then you will be sure to enjoy the comic book Annihilator. Fans of Dracula and 300 will enjoy the Harvester comic book series and if far-fetched science fiction is your bag, like Inception you will definitely enjoy Epochalypse comic books.

Legendary Comics publishes comic books for fans of every genre. White Dragon Comics is pleased to offer many of the latest comic books published by Legendary Comic Books.

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