Graphic Novels

Graphic Novels Provide a Complete Comic Book Experience in a Longer Format

Graphic novels are an extension of comic books. A graphic novel is not a standard comic book that includes the beginning, middle or end of a story. A graphic novel tends to cover one story in its entirety. If writers and artists decide to create a sequel, they design it as a new, complete story with a beginning, middle and end. This type are called OGN’s, original graphic novels, which are published in book form only and have never been serialized in regular comic books. The other type of graphic novel is made up of several issues of a regular comic book collected into a single volume, usually a complete story arc.

Graphic novels are perfect for the reader who does not want to wait for their story to be released on a scheduled time-line. They are usually priced lower than you would pay for the individual issues, another draw for graphic novel fans.

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